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Tradition, Art, Community, Natural Beauty Combine to Enrich and Uplift the Spirit...

When hubby Paul and I visited The Brandywine River Museum on our honeymoon over 30 years back, I received the indelible impression of how art, architecture and natural beauty can combine to enrich and elevate the human spirit. I aspired from that moment to find a similarly worthy setting for Paul's own unique and visionary artwork. That is, at least in part, why when I saw the dilapidated old barn on the property that had belonged to Iva Smith--I said YES!

The story of our barn's miraculous transformation was beautifully covered by Todd Moe on North Country Public Radio! The piece was titled:

Once Cows and Hay, Now Music and Art in an Old Hammond Barn!

You can still hear the amazing broadcast at:

Before and after photos follow to demonstrate the amazing transformation!!!


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