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Housed in a lovingly-restored 19th Century barn, the Iva Smith Gallery serves as summer home to the artwork of Paul Saphier. 1984 marked the beginning of Paul's love affair with the spirit of the North, and his artwork, as seen in the Gallery, bears witness to this.

Please visit the artist's website:

to enjoy the vast scope of Paul's work, read of his life, his love of the egg tempera medium, sacred geometry and the sources of his inspiration.

In addition, the Gallery seeks to show the work of a couple of artists each summer who share an affinity for the spirit of Paul's work, such as a sense of the sacred in nature and a love of sacred geometry.

The Iva Smith Gallery hosts musical concerts, ukulele classes, fine art workshops and fund raisers for local causes.

As proud member of the Hammond Barn Quilt Trail, the Gallery honors our area's quilting heritage, displaying several barn quilts, each with a story of its own. We offer barn quilts for purchase as well.

Visitors are invited to refresh their spirits by the koi pond and to enjoy the fairy gardens, to enjoy our self-serve cafe in the former dairy barn, aka the Cow-fe, to spend time in our mini-theater and to visit our gift shop filled with works of art and local crafts. 


"A completed egg tempera resonates a mysterious subtlety, clarity of detail and cumulative power unique to this medium.  Each additional brush stroke, each accumulating layer of paint, molds and evolves the image--as if working with clay--gradually bringing it to an almost palpable life, a magical, living presence."

In the summer of 2021 the Gallery added a monumental work of public art by Will Salisbury, 'Angelic Form', and a peace garden and labyrinth.  We are also proud to display 'We Travel Upstream', a collaborative sculpture by Greg Lago and Will Salisbury.

In addition, the Gallery seeks to host your affairs such as wedding and anniversary celebrations.  

Look for our Calendar postings and visit us on Facebook and Instagram!

--Paul Saphier
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