Featured Artists, 2021

Richard Atkinson: Reach for the Light

Thursday, July 1 - October 11, 2021


I know the minute I see a certain scene or composition that I want to paint it.  It can be a variety of subjects, from a natural landscape to sleds leaning against a barn wall or a child looking at a sunset across a lake or a barn or even a bobcat in the snow.

The one thing I want to see in a painting is depth. For example, in the above painting there are five layers of depth.  If you look right into the center, the experience becomes almost 3D.  But when I'm talking about depth, I'm also talking about how you feel when the painting draws you in.

I want my paintings to pull people in and take them back to a nostalgic memory or to a place they've never seen before and kick in their own creative imagination.  Hopefully they will be lifted out of their daily reality if only for a fleeting moment.

--Richard Atkinson

John Horbacz: Dreams vs. Reality

An artistic passion seeking its reality

Thursday, July 1 - October 11, 2021


My show at the Iva Smith Gallery is called "DREAMS VS REALITY" because when I paint from my dreams it comes from someplace so far from "reality" as people usually see it. "Reality"--it doesn't have the colors or the skies, the trees, or the people that flow through my mind and through my hand on to the canvas.

This show is about an art passion that seeks its reality.  The natural versus the unnatural. Dreams versus reality. Dream visions, driftwood carvings and more!


"Behold, I have dreamed a dream more, and behold the sun and moon and 11 stars."


Paul Saphier: Looking Out, Looking In

Interior Landscapes

Memorial Day - October 11, 2021


A luminous grouping of artworks, largely in egg tempera, from the Gallery's collection. Categorized as 'interior landscapes', these works reveal the essentially contemplative nature of the artist and his ever-fresh perspective characterized by mystical leanings, an amazing gift for the use of color and a reverence for our Northern landscapes and waters.


"Gradually, I have come to realize that the purpose of art is linked with the purpose of life. Through focused attention transmitted to the image, a spiritual energy is generated, dwelling within, animating the image so that both artist and viewer become aware of connecting links between spiritual truth and the rhythms and forms expressing that truth.  In this way, art becomes a portal to the divine generating a sense of the sacred in the midst of a reality otherwise considered commonplace."             --Paul Saphier