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Chris K. Palmer

Chris K. Palmer is a fine artist who has specialized in traditional and modern geometric art and ornament, textile design and folding.


After four years teaching digital fabrication in schools of architecture in Chicago (IIT) and the University of Colorado at Boulder, Chris now works with Rob Bell in a design build studio in San Francisco, CA and as Digital Fabrication Lab Manager at the College of Environmental Design at UC Berkeley.


In 1995, Chris developed a novel technique for folding fabric and has published a book about it called Shadowfolds with his co-author Jeff Rutzky.  The method derived from combining the paperfolding techniques of his teacher Shuzo Fujimoto, the traditional methods of producing pleats by sewing points together and Medieval Middle Eastern tilings studied at the Alhambra while living in Granada, Spain. 


Chris is one of the featured artists in a documentary about origami called Between the Folds.

Chris's book, Shadowfolds, can be purchased at

Shadowfold by Chris Palmer
Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 6.58.13 PM
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