Compass of Light
Wedding Photo by Penny
LOVE blocks, 9:2018
Dessert Table
Barb singing 'One Last Tune'
Light In Sight, e.t. on panel, 11 x 14, 2003
Janet Witman w_ lever harp
exhibitions, 2021
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Art, Inside Out!

The Iva Smith Gallery is so honored to present the artwork of three great creative spirits.  
Our two featured artists, John Horbacz of As the Crow Flies Artworks of Pillar Point, NY and Richard Atkinson, best-known as the banjo player and father of the Atkinson Family Band, are outsider artists--artists whose creative voice rings loud and clear without the customary benefit of formal training.  Paul Saphier, in contrast, was nurtured in the arts from a young age.  His art was created in the context of a decades-long struggle with Multiple Sclerosis--a battle he waged up to his 70th year.  The artwork in the Gallery this summer pays tribute to the indomitable creative spirit!

John Horbacz
Dreams vs. Reality
This show is about an art passion that seeks a reality... painted dreams and visions, Gothic driftwood sculptures--and more! 

Richard Atkinson

Reach for the Light

The beauty of nature and the wild, landmarks and memories form the content of Dick's arresting pantings that, like his music, communicate a deep, shared connection to the North Country's natural beauty, history and traditions.

R. Paul Saphier
Looking Out, Looking In
Works done in the North Country and in Nova Scotia, Canada.  Also, many of the 18 works featured in our publication, The Art of R. Paul Saphier by art historian Eliot Rowlands.  A luminous grouping of artworks, largely in egg tempera, from the Gallery's collection. Categorized as 'interior landscapes', these works reveal the essentially contemplative nature of the artist and his ever-fresh perspective characterized by mystical leanings, an amazing gift for the use of color and a reverence for our Northern landscapes and waters. Paul's Sacred Geometry Mandala works will also be on display.  


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