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    exhibitions, 2019
    The Artwork of R. Paul Saphier

    Works done in the North Country and in Nova Scotia, Canada.  Also, many of the 18 works featured in our new publication, The Art of R. Paul Saphier, by art historian Eliot Rowlands. Paul's Sacred Geometry Mandala works will also be on display.

    This Summer It's All About

    The Ideal of North

    Mark Scarlett:
    Going With the Flow
    Iconic photographs gathered on Mark's Northern adventures and refined at his home in the woods of Rossie, NY.

    Grant Lounsbury:

    North by Northeast

    Paintings inspired in Algonquin Provincial Park, Ontario, the Canadian Northwest and in Nova Scotia, Canada.

    Pamela Winchester:

    On the Wing

    Pam's mobile, book and barn quilts combine to express her noble vision and hopes for our local and the global community.


    latest news
    Whatcha gonna do for an encore?
    From a Tiffany Designer's Imagination to The Iva Smith Gallery....
    The Iva Smith Gallery Became Wheelchair Accessible this Winter!




    People Who Know Their Way Around Barns Know What These Are....




    Tradition, Art, Music, Community & Natural Beauty Combine....

    Summer 2016

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