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Sunita Staneslow
Compass of Light
Wedding Photo by Penny
LOVE blocks, 9:2018
Caramelo Trio
Barb singing 'One Last Tune'
Atkinson Famly Band
Light In Sight, e.t. on panel, 11 x 14, 2003
exhibitions, 2022

In Honor of Carmen D'Avino....

Carmen D'Avino (October 31, 1918 – November 30, 2004) was a pioneer in animated short film. As one of the leading figures in the avant-garde film movement of the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s, his films, known for their wit and graphic brilliance, received many international honors, including two Academy Award nominations,[1] and were regularly seen at Cinema 16, the most successful and influential membership film society in North American history. His works in oils and sculpture have achieved similar success, part of his always-expanding experimentation into shape, color and form.*
When Carmen and Helena D’Avino moved up to Hammond, NY from New York City in the 1980s they brought with them a romantic life story that spanned continents. They had lived the Second World War, met and fell in love in Paris where Carmen was studying art on the G.I. Bill, hitchhiked throughout Italy, lived in India and finally settled in the East Village in New York City around 1949 where Carmen made animated films and was nominated for Academy Awards and Helena worked as a social worker.….  
In Hammond, Carmen transitioned into sculpting and continued to make short films.  Helena—his ever-beautiful and gracious soulmate— cooked, gardened, did embroidery, rode her bike in good weather, taught some French, listened to great music on the Arts and Entertainment channel and kindly befriended many.  Carmen and Helena‘s lives, dedicated to art that elevates the human spirit, energized and inspired all the artists who came to know and love them. Our display at the Iva Smith Gallery seeks to pay tribute to their beautiful spirit.  
Among those artists befriended by Carmen were Patty Matthews, Greg Lago, and Paul Saphier whose works will also be on display this summer.  A description of their exhibitions can be found on this website by clicking on 'See more' below....
* excerpt from Wikipedia:'Avino

Artist Will Salisbury's tribute to Carmen D'Avino with some film links and a photo gallery:


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