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Atkinson Famly Band
Maeve Gilchrist
Fiddlers Three, 5-13-22
Compass of Light
Wedding Photo by Penny
World on a String, Jazz Trio_edited_edited
LOVE blocks, 9:2018
Caramelo Trio
Jamie Ipsen
6. Barb Heller 2021
Cantiga, in Ren dress
Light In Sight, e.t. on panel, 11 x 14, 2003
4. Duo Amici, Pej Reitz and Hakan Tayga-Hromek
5. A Gathering of Voices
exhibitions, 2023
Art's Sacred Window....

Internal Nocturne, egg tempera on paper by Paul Saphier, 1987

The beauty of taking time to really look at a work of art is that our own perspective on how we view the world shifts, even briefly, to incorporate the world view of the artist.

This summer, our Gallery is honored to share the artwork of a great creative spirit, Melanie Kimbler, whose artistic world view is expressed in photography, art quilts, furniture decoration and all that she touches.

In addition, we will be sharing the nature photography of Fisher Misenko, a young man who, when Covid forced us into isolation, found meaning in nature photography. His artistic eye combined with his reverence for the natural world inspire awe and admiration!

Our artistic offerings will be rounded out with the elegant minimalist ceramics of Kari Zelson Robertson.


Of his many works created from within, looking out, Paul Saphier wrote, "A window sets boundaries; within this circumscribed area one takes stock and organizes the scattered elements. Implied is a vision of a reality beyond our ordinary awareness, a seeing through that which is ordinarily opaque."

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